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Some people are motivated to exercise with the idea of getting fit. Others see it as a way of losing weight. The truth is that exercise will help you do both these things.

If you haven’t exercised recently, it’s important to start small and build up gradually.

A good form of exercise to start with is walking. This needn’t be powerwalking – just parking the car a little further from the office so that you build in a five minute walk to and from the building will make a difference. Once you’ve got used to that and it’s only taking you three minutes, find somewhere a little further away to park. If you like to wear heels at work, then wear trainers for the walk and change when you arrive at the office.

Once you’ve got the hang of doing a bit more regular walking, you can use it more as a form of exercise at the weekends. Combine the exercise with seeing some of the places of interest in your area – look up some circular walking trails as it’s always nicer to do a circuit rather than a linear walk. Get some decent walking shoes or trainers as your feet need to be comfortable for distance walking. Scarpa has a huge range of walking footwear, and the shop assistant will help you choose the right shoes for the terrain you’re going to cover.

By gradually building up your stamina with walking, you’ll be ready to progress to other exercise that can help you lose weight. Swimming and jogging are popular choices as you can easily fit this into your day. Get up a little earlier and go for a jog before you shower and get ready for work, or save it to the end of the day as a way to unwind. If you’re jogging in the winter you’ll need to have the correct gear – including a base layer to keep your core body warmth, and a reflective jacket so you’re visible to drivers.  You’ll probably also want thermal gloves and a hat.

Swimming is a great way to improve your fitness, and it will help you lose weight, too. However, you have to swim hard for it to make a difference – it’s not good enough to go swimming with a friend and chat as you swim along together. If you’re not a natural swimmer, you might want to take a refresher course to help you coordinate your strokes and get the breathing right. Many people start off only being able to do a few lengths, but once you get into a good rhythm with swimming, you’ll find that you can go further every time, and you’ll soon double the distance you can cover in a half hour swim.

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