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Welcome to Lose Weight UK. We hope that this site will help you to lose weight in a healthy manner. This site is currently at the early stages of development, but we hope to continually develop it to bring everyone a useful resource. Our top tips for you to to lose weight are:

Write Down Your Goals

To succeed at anything in life, you have to know what goals you are trying to achieve, so that you have something to aim for. I therefore advise writing down your weight loss goal. Make the goal sensible and achievable.

Change Your Lifestyle

Ultimately losing weight is about changing your lifestyle, habits and behaviour. It has a lot to do with the mind and self-improvement.

Do Things Gradually

Do things gradually. Crash diets are not good for the body, and they won't help you in the medium to long term. Plan carefully and do things gradually. Set yourself a realistic target in a realistic time frame and work towards it.

Take The First Small Step

The secret to making big changes is to start with a first small step. Let's say you have become overweight because you spend all day sitting down and can't be bothered to get up much. A first small step would be to get up and walk to the other side of the room and back when you don't even have to. The point is, you've made the first small step, and you are now on your way to changing your life. There is a Chinese proverb that says "The longest journey starts with a small step", and you just need to take that first step to get going.

Keep Taking Small Steps

Once you've taken the first small step, keep taking small steps. E.g. once you've decided to swap crisps for popcorn, keep doing it. The trick is to take a small step, then keep doing it.

Get Yourself Motivated

You can find some great advice from motivation expert Paul McKenna, in his book "I Can Make You Thin". The book tells you how everyone has motivation and explains how you can find yours to help with your weight loss, e.g. how to find the motivation to take a 15 minute walk each day, which will be a massive help in burning the calories.

- Don't skip meals, otherwise your brain will start to crave high calorie, high fat foods.

- Rediscover the joys of healthy eating. Much of what we eat is dictated by the (bad) habits we have got into. With a little effort you can find healthy food that tastes great and you look forward to eating. Seek out high quality fresh fruit and vegetables. Go and find your local organic producer and be amazed at how good fresh fruit and vegetables can taste. Kick out the pre-processed high fat microwave meals and go back to basics.

Make Healthy Eating Easy

Lay out healthy food on your kitchen worktops so that it is to hand and a reminder of what you should be eating. Putting the healthy food such as fruit within easy reach improves your chance of eating that instead of something unhealthy.

- Be creative. Dig out your recipe books and find some great recipes for salads and fruit cocktails.

- Increase your low intensity exercise. If you have not been taking any exercise, then start to gradually increase the exercise you take. Get out for a gentle walk, dig out your exercise bike or just start small with some armchair aerobics. The most important step is the first step! Just start to move.

Correct Bad Snacking Habits

Improve your snacking habits. Snacking on unhealthy, high fat foods, such as crisps, is going to make weight loss difficult. If you have a crisp snacking problem, as a first step I recommend swapping crisps for popcorn.

Learn Healthy Cooking Techniques

- If you are eating a lot of fried food, then try exploring some different cooking techniques such as boiling and steaming, e.g. instead of eating fried chips then try boiled or mashed potatoes.

Use Smaller Plates

Start using smaller plates so that you put less food on your plate.

Make a Shopping List and Stick To It

Make a list of what you need before you go shopping, and stick to the list when you are in the shop to avoid being tempted by "goodies".

- Don't drink too much alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are a source of calories, and therefore drinking too much can be a significant cause of weight gain. Note, there are also a number of other negative effects of alcohol.

- If you feel that you need a little more help, then there are now a large number of weight management products available, e.g. the appetite suppressant Appesat.

- Regularly go to bed at a sensible time. Sleep is a very important process for maintenance of your mind and body, so don't skimp on it. Getting enough sleep will improve your brain's performance and give you greater motivation and self control, and that is important for changing your behaviour to lose weight.

Thanks for visiting the site, and if you've got any suggestions or information for us, feel free to contact us.

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